Monday, 6 August 2012

Welcome to CheckRate's Website Trustmark Blog for Boosting Web Sales

Who are CheckRate?

CheckRate are a Business Website Financial Seal of Approval or "Good Business " Trustmark company that have been going for 3 years, that also provides Business Credit Checking, Company Credit Reporting Services.

The business services provider is part of the Freestart Plc Group of Companies which has been established for over 10 years.  The Group is engaged in many website and internet based activities including website provision and facebook stores via the Buegle Brand. 

All the Business Web Marketing & Credit Control services are Ideal for small, new, startup and sme businesses and it has over 30,000 customers.  

Why Use CheckRate?

In a market place dictated by online security it is imperative to retain all potential customers and clients on your website and to avoid a high bounce rate. Also in such competitive market places which are often having the margins squeezed it is also vital to know who you are dealing with in order to mitigate risks.

With the number of your online trading competitors in the hundreds or even thousands and probably still growing daily it is very important to make your business stands out.  Internet trading and business in general is very competitive so you need the tools to help you suceed and to distinguish you from your competitors.
Increased consumer confidence = More completed transactions
Increase Trading Knowledge = Increased Accuracy or Decreased Losses

Which both = Increased Profit

Why have a CheckRate Trustmark?

Would you buy a Television, in a plain cardboard box from a man in the street, not opening it until you got home?


Well you are asking your customers to do something similar every day online.

What if there was an another Option?
Would this alternative option increase your sales and also improve your bounce rate (helping with your website page ranking)?

CheckRate invites Businesses of a defined caliber to display the CheckRate trustmark logo on their website and within their Marketing literature.  This trustmark represents a financial Seal of Approval for your online business, stating that you are a well established and highly credit rated company! 

"A CheckRate Trustmark will help to Boost you Web Sales"

Why use Business Credit Checking or Company Credit Reports?

In addition to not buying a Television on the streets in a plain cardboard box, would you sell a Television to someone and be happy with them paying for it in 30 days time, when you didn't even know who they were, where they lived and how financially stable they were?

No (again)!
Well many people in Businesses offering Credit do something similar every day too.

What if there was another way?
Would this other option help reduce losses and increase profits?

CheckRate also offers Small, Medium and Large Businesses or Companies the ability to use CheckRate Business or Company Credit Reports to investigate the businesses that they are trading with and the ones they are potentially looking to extend credit too.  The CheckRate business or company reports give you peace of mind to ensure you only offer Credit to those worthy of it.

"Credit Checking your customers will minimise the risk of you getting bad debts, which will impact your bottom line"

What Business Services do CheckRate provide?

CheckRate provide the unique business offering of Business Credit Reports in annual subscription packages as well as the addition of a Trustmark or Seal of Approval on your website and marketing literature.

For annual subscription packages starting from just £400, you can ensure your business is standing out from the crowd and avoiding heavy losses, that other businesses are taking, especialy in this recession, in order to keep your busines on the right path to increased profits and long term business success.

In addition to the following core business services (for small, new, startup, sme or large Businesses or Companies):
  • Business Credit Reports / Searches or Checks,
  • Director Reports / Searches or Checks,
  • Company Accounts (those filed at Companies House),
  • Website Trustmarks, Kite Marks and Business Seal of Approvals - for Boosting Web Sales
  • Marketing Literature Kite Marks, Trust Marks or Business Seal of Approvals.

We can also provide you with other business, sales, credit control or data services such as:

  • Consumer Credit Checking Report - For consumer Credit Or ID Checking 
  • Consumer Tracing - For Locating private individuals or Directors Home Locations etc.
  • Sales Or Marketing Databases / Prospect Lists / Mailing Lists, Telesale Lists
  • Email Marketing Lists - For Email marketing campaigns 
  • Debt Collection - For Business Debt Collection & Recovery Services
  • Credit Insurance - For protecting your business against Liquidations, Insolvencies and Receivership's
  • Websites - For your businesses presence on the internet
  • Facebook Shops - For a sales presence within the very popular world of Facebook

If you are interested in any of the following (small, new, startup, sme ore large) Business or Company Services please email: